Thursday, 5 December 2013

remember the difference..

some people might take others for granted..
they forgot what is mean by "others"..
they don't realize that "others" is in their sight..
or perhaps (just perhaps),  they forgot that others got talent too..


my point,
it is a tiny dotted line between GO! and LET'S GO!..
why don't just focus on LET'S GO! and forgot the GO! (?)

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Thursday, 19 September 2013

mood: cuak

dh lama tak update blog, since i've mountain of work to do.. huh

never mind.. after THIS, i'll be more hectic than ever ( i guess) as i would pursuing my study tomorrow..

 Sarjana Pendidikan (Perakaunan).. lari bidang dari first degree.. But InsyaAllah in TWO years, i'll get the cert..

## aimi, sila jadi budak yg rajin, bijak, baik.. plz plz..

Monday, 12 August 2013

Master in Accountancy (Education) UPSI

alhamdulillah... finally i have received an offer to pursue my master at UPSI.. #happy#

i have been waiting for this result barely about 5 months.. this result should be out on June, but they decided to put this out on aug..

so, Master in Accountancy (Education) in 2 years time? InsyaAllah..

## business and accounting is not that vary, kan.. in fact, i'm teaching accounting subjects here..